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Join my Quake server! (Short tutorial)

Woah, hey, I woke up from my slumber. I’ve been busy/lazy and right now I’m interning in a gamedev studio, so I don’t have much time or energy to type anything here.

Anyway, I managed to set up a Quake 1 (QuakeWorld) server and everyone is welcome to join, it’s FREE after all! This post will be a short tutorial. If you know how to Quake already, the server IP and password is down below.

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Space Craze: X3: Terran Conflict/Albion Prelude

Sorry for the month of silence, I didn’t have much time/energy to write anything here. But now, I wanna tell you guys about a space sim that I really like! I’m playing the Albion Prelude expansion in these screenshots, but TC and AP are really similar to each other. AP just has some quality of life fixes and a huge war going on in a few systems.

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Cool FPS Games to Check Out! (Guest Post I made for Tecsielity)

I wrote a guest post for Tecsie’s blog, so I just wanted to reblog it to my own blog. 🙂


Since my fiance Akselmo is also a game blogger and definitely deserves more than 5 followers I decided to have him write a little guest post here about a genre I don’t play a lot myself. First person shooter games!

Make sure to go check out his blog BITksel for more gaming related things because he’s very passionate about the topic! He also posts about his own game projects as he is working on a bunch of stuff!


My favorite FPS games

Tecsie wanted to know what my favorite FPS games are since I play them more than her, so here’s a few of them. Some of them are old, some new, multiplayer or singleplayer.

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